© Patent- & Ingenieurdienst Samios, Hellmold & Niederstebruch 2007 - 2021 Patent literature... ... gains increasing importance as a source of information. Neither patent attorneys nor innovationoriented business people can afford to ignore the kind of information on technology, incorporeal rights and economic development provided by patent literature. Patent literature is a comprehensive guide to technologically and legally feasible manufacturing processes. It also facilitates the tracking down of technological trends and market niches, the search for business partners and licensors and the preparation of statistical analyses. The broad spectrum of information available via patent literature is an indispensable tool when, given a specific infrastructure, the most cost-effective manufacturing process has to be determined. For more than 50 years our office has been conducting state of the art searches in the fields of electronics, technics and chemistry in its broadest sense. Areas of particular interest are Biochemistry Medical technics Pharmaceutics Polymers Catalysts mechanical, electrical and electronic Engeneering Our searchers are able to advise you on any question you may have concerning applied sciences. Furthermore we are familiar with the relevant parts of incorporeal law. All our employees have university degrees and are of course able to read and speak English and French. In addition to searches in general, we offer the following services: Invalidity searches FTO searches Novelty searches Name searches,   Trademark searches   and   Patent family searches All types of watches File inspections Translation especially of non-patent citations (English - Japanese - French - Russian - Polish - Danish - Italian)