© Patent- & Ingenieurdienst Samios, Hellmold & Niederstebruch 2007 - 2021 For more than 50 years... Manual Searches Completely reliable results are an absolute must when considering a question of great financial importance, eg. a new patent application, an infringement or a search for citations. Therefore all our searches are usually conducted manually in the IPC collection of the German Patent Office and online. This type of search is often still superior to a pure online search. A manual search might also include examiners classification (DE,EP), technical literature, textbooks, anthologies and journals which often unearth useful citations. Over the years we have become specialists in finding literature which is not available via the computer. Database searches For more than 20 years our office has accessed more than 1000 databases. Online searches provide an inexpensive and very fast source of concise information on technologies, processes and incorporeal rights. Most databases only supply abstracts, thus a computer search can never be completely exhaustive. Nevertheless, the results of our database searches will allway be checked against the printed patent documents. Whenever possible, we conduct manual searches in the relevant IPC classes and groups. For database searches we only use the best available databases usually several at the same time. The individual results will then be combined in a final result. This final result - often several hundred, occasionally even several thousand hits - must then be checked for relevance. For that we go back to the original printed document. Name searches for patent- and nonpatent documents of individuals or companies. Searches for patent family members worldwide - if explicitly ordered, also without priority relation. Trade Marks and Business Names - Important Growth Factors A trade mark is a significant element in the success of a product. It encourages the consumer to identify the product with its producer, thereby distinguishing the product from those of other companies. This is one of the reasons why today, where an increasing number of national markets evolve into global markets, trade marks become an important business parameter. The same applies for business names. Therefore, one of the first steps on the way of gaining a foothold on a market is to obtain extensive information on trade marks, business names and Internet domains or Internet products. We offer Trade mark searches for identical trade marks Trade mark searches for (phonetically or pictorially) similar trade marks Trade mark and business name watches (identical or similar) world-wide as well as Business name searches in German Registers of Business Names, telephone registers and the Internet Business name watches in German Registers of Business Names, telephone registers and the Internet Watches In regular intervalls - generally once a month - new published patents, applications and/or utility models of certain applicants, inventors or in different technical areas (IPC - classes) are searched for and reported. Furthermore we offer: patent family watches status watches file watches watches for references keyword watches